DOMINIE DANDIE (TWO) + a curtis vodka remix + new radioclit smash

I'm graduating next week i reckon...heres a poem in Doric the native dialect of Aberdeen. Don't know what it says exactly...maybe every fourth word or so. It's basically how i survive here.

SMALL ADDITION: Realising that by now everyone reads discobelle or at least some of you do etc. Anyway i just got the new Radioclit EP (Also their first ever physical release) and liked this track. It was already posted. Go pick it up here. It's either an original track with David Banner and Twista or it's a remix. The file says remix, the album implies it's original. I don't care. like it.


I've been te skweel and college and hae ta'en a gweed degree,
And noo I think I'm thinkin it's a teacher i wid be!
And in twa-three years I'se warrant, gin the warlds waggin weel,
They'll mak' me Dominie Dandie wi' a couthy country skweel.

I widna gang stravaigin aye awa te Aiberdeen
And yonner at Pittodrie stan' and shiver in my sheen,
And ca' the Dons dor a'thing like an orra workin chiel,
Gin I were Dominie Dandie wi' a couthy country skweel.

And ilka Sunday mornin te the kirk I'd walk in style,
Wi' a muckle black umbrella and a swagger and a smile,
And I'd nivver miss a sermon for widder, sark or peel,
Gin I were Dominie Dandie wi' a couthy country skweel.

Nae wyvers and their moose-wobs wid be hingin on the wa's,
But twa-three pintit picters o' a lichthoose and sea-ma's,
A haul o' herrin drifters or a fish-wife wi' her creel,
Gina i were Dominie Dandie wi' a couthy country skweel.

And after fin it's lookin like a dribblin drap o' rain,
Gweed sakes, they mark a double and lat a' the littlins hame!
And syne gang gallivantin wi' fishin-rod and reel,
Thinkin mair o' troot and salmon than a couthy country skweel.

And a song for Balitmore.
Why Do Bay Cats Do Dat (Curtis Vodka Mix)

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