Cinema Twilight: The Best of 2006

I title this column "Cinema Twilight" because it is my reluctant acknowledgment that movies seem very well to be in the twilight of their relevance. As Cosmodrome's panel extrapolates on the cinematic year that was, starting with a declaration of our Top Ten lists, I suspect what might drive some of our arguments will be what role films should play in an age when they can no longer lay a claim on the title of most cutting edge art form. Part of the problem has to be the fact that most of the great films of any given year go unseen. As cinema audiences dwindle, are films to be relegated to the same camp as all the traditional high arts that died (lost wide audiences) long ago? Or does this lack of relevance mean that the only thing to be gleaned from movies these days is entertainment, pure and simple? In short, how can cinema keep up with HBO's The Wire?



Day One (1/19/07): For Your Consideration

Day Two (1/22/07): Dystopia Has No Future

Day Three (1/23/07): Not THAT Bad


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