Oscar Winner Helen Mirren Stars in a Nic Cage Sequel

We love Nic Cage.

I mean, we love Nic Cage. Jesus. So much.

Every one of his movies is pure genius, from Fire Birds to Captain Corelli's Mandolin to the patriotically baffling National Treasure. So when I found out that the latter had a sequel planned, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, in which Nic's character Ben Gates finds out that one of his ancestors may have been involved in the Lincoln assassination plot, I realized I too had an ancestor that was involved in the Lincoln assassination plot. Which means his fictional character might be related to me.... so i dreamed up this potential family tree:

The beauty of this family tree is that not only is Nic Cage like, sort of my cousin, I feel like Helen Mirren is far enough removed in this family tree that I can still be wildly attracted to her without any creepy repercussions. Rowr.

Bonus Nic Cage action below

I love that man.

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