Not totally sure what's going on with this mix, especially with the old timey tracks, but listening to a lady in 1929 sing "put your hotdog in my bun' makes me smile.

get there.

and here's the lazy tracklist:

1. les georges leningrad – “black eskimo” (sure les traces de black eskimo)
2. majestic arrows – “one more time around” (eccentric soul: the bandit label)
3. moodymann – “technology stole my vinyl” (technology stole my vinyl)
4. pacific gas & electric – “staggolee” (?)
5. olivia tremor control – “fireplace” (singles)
6. joe jackson – “im the man” (im the man)
7. charles walker & the daffodils – “no fool no more” (night train to nashville v.2)
8. lil johnson & black bob – “press my button, ring my bell” (copulation blues)
9. alan braxe & kris menace - "lumberjack" (lumberjack)
10. candie payne – “ by tomorrow” (i wish i could have loved you more)
11. wu tang – “crooklyn dodgers” (mathematics presents wu tang)
12. holy ghost – “hold on” (hold on)
13. paul devro – “walk the dino” (remix)
14. ruth willis – “im still sloppy drunk” (georgia blues)

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