Gotham's Greed - Thanksgiving Mix '07

Here we go. Repeats are due to the fact that I mostly just listen to what my friends send me rapidshare links to. And they find good shit on rapidshare.

Get it.

  1. Star Guitar - Shinichi Osawa ft. Au Revoir Simone - A cover of an electronic song. Love that concept. Better than the original.
  2. Simon Says - Pharaohe Monch - Remember when Kavinsky dropped this bomb before Daft Punk went on? DO YOU?
  3. Do You Remember the First Time - Pulp - Dan, remember when we heard this song playing you put this song on the jukebox in the bar? Then you put it on your mix for which I give you thanks. This shit has been on loop ever since
  4. Please Sunrise - Supermayer - A gem on an otherwise strangely shitty superstar album
  5. Atlas - Battles
  6. Barry Bonds - Kanye West ft. Lil Wayne - I don't understand this song. Like, at all. But now that Bonds has been indicted it's been imbued with some kind of horribly abstract meaning (more than before). Anything Weezy cannot foresee?
  7. Pony - Ginuwine
  8. Trust - Prince
  9. Can't Hurt My Style - Cam'ron - Cam goes grime and it's awesome
  10. Come Undone - Duran Duran - Thanks Andy D
  11. When the Sun Grows on Your Tongue - Black Moth Super Rainbow - Horrible album title, horrible song title, horrible band name. Love this song.
  12. Breezin' - Cornelius
  13. I'm So Tired - The Beatles
  14. Ruler of My Heart - Irma Thomas - McNulty reminded me how good this song is
  15. Stars - Hum - This shit is in some Nissan commercial or something. Thanks Nissan for bringing it back.
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