Touché mon George, Touché

In light of another legal setback in the war of terror, here's some classic Bush press conference material, defending the Administration's interpretation of the Geneva Convention:

I'd feel bad for David Gregory (who generally holds his own), if only he hadn't played such a big part in this abomination.

The Comeback

Had to post this incredible video of an afternoon battle between some lions, an army of wildebeasts, and a couple of crocodiles.

The scene doesn't really get going till around the 2:00 mark, and the plot twists enter a few minutes after that.

Really just extraordinary stuff.

Today in Balls

Today in "Sport," as the BBC refers to their sportS pages, victory was revoked from the 1996 winner of the Tour de France, Dane Bjarne Riis, after he confessed to doping. The organization put it this way: "We consider philosophically that he can no longer claim to have won." He had been using EPOs for about 5 years, including during his 96 win. So the UCI urged him "to return his yellow jersey, the symbol of his victory."

To which Riis responded, "My jersey's at home in a cardboard box. They are welcome to come and get it."

That's balls, people.

What's my take? Cyclists should just confront reality that all cyclists will dope if some do, and start their own Tour de France with a level playing field of doping cyclists. It could be some kind of x-treme off-shoot that harnesses their enhanced performance abilities for ultra-fast races, finishing the entire Tour in a week, instead of the long and boring month it usually takes every summer.

Yahoo Serious, Seriously

Yahoo Serious, the wonderfully talented Australian film star from the 1980s is back - and this time he's in it for the children.

From Kokoda Track Foundation, where Yahoo is on the Board of Directors:

A founding director of the Kokoda Track Foundation, Yahoo has trekked the Track many times, is a friend of local villagers and of many Aussie veterans of the New Guinea campaign...

...Serious Productions is currently producing Yahoo’s 4th and most ambitious movie. The sweeping World War 2 epic opens with The Fall of Singapore and the Thai-Burma Death Railway then dramatically journeys the Kokoda Track in an epic adventure of mateship, heartbreak and triumph.

Yahoo is passionate to repay Australia’s nearest neighbours, the wonderful people of Papua New Guinea for their help to our young country in its darkest hour.

Showdown at the G-8

Via the New York Times. More info on the G-8 summit from the BBC, and photos here.

Delaware: Where People Aren't Even Sure About Your Name*

Somewhere along the gorgeous Delaware coastline, a rockstar heads to die. Yes, death rides a slow horse...

*Acknowledged; there are Tommy Lees other than this one that they could be talking about.

There are also TLJ and Tommy Lee (the footballer). Shit is confusing.

I Can Feel It In The Air Tonight, Hold On!

Europe was always known as the destination for scores of moneyed, restless, young folk looking for a few months of backpacking party heaven. However, it wasn't until recently that evidence began to accumulate showing how deeply rooted the party problem has become. We broke the story about cocaine-infused Spanish Euros, but since then the coke-on-currency statistics of Euros in Ireland and Germany have come in, not to mention Euros distintigrating under repeated use for crystal meth.

Now a new study finds that the air above Rome there contains trace amounts of cocaine and marijuana. Surprisingly, the highest concentration seems to exist in the air around the University of La Sapienza. Scientists are still unable to figure out a correlation.

My bets?
-Travel plans based around contact highs
-The air above Ibiza will be found to have equal trace amounts of ecstasy and STDs.

Good Riddance

Cheney Is President! For Real! [Not Really.]

God Lives in China; Only Eats MacDo's

Today's Wall Street Journal has the kind of feature story I love. It (i) catches up with someone you loved but had forgotten about, (ii) gives a sampling of life in a foreign country, (iii) has great photos, and (iv) deals with a guy who wishes he lived in Beijing or Shanghai because they have "Friday's, Outback Steakhouse and all kinds of American restaurants."

The story [subscription only; fuck you WSJ] is about the immortal (literally!) God Shammgod. You may remember Shammgod from the 1997 NCAA Tournament, when he and white-as-white-can-be Austin Croshere led 10th-seeded Providence to the regional final.

After leaving Providence (yes, God went to a catholic school called Providence) following his sophomore season, Shammgod was drafted in the 2nd round by the Wizards, who then cut him after 20 games.

Shamm is currently one of thirty non-Chinese players in the Chinese Basketball Association. He plays in Taiyuan, Shanxi province, which the WSJ says is "one of the most polluted cities in the world."

More on God...

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