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On the road to Gouyave, Grenada

Best Translated Signs in Leningrad

01. blini stand menu

02. sign outside bar interestingly named "fidel"

inked in addition: "and [Viktor] Yushchenko"

Sleepy Mantis

outside window, 11:30 PM, Monday.


I'm bout it, bout it - Lord forgive me, Ms. Sally shouted
Tracey got shot in the face, my house was overcrowded
You fake cats done heard it first
On how I shitted on your turf
at times, Cuban Link verse yo
Check out the rap kingpin, summertime fine jewelry drippin
Face in the box, I seen your ear twitchin
As soon as I drove off, Cap' came to me with three sawed-offs
Give one to Rae', let's season they broth
Lightning rod fever heaters, knock-kneeder Sheeba for hiva
Diva got rocked from the receiver bleeder
Portfolio, lookin fancy in the pantry
My man got bigger dimes son, your shit is scampi
Base that, throw what's in your mouth, don't waste that
See Ghost lampin in the throne with King Tut hat
Straight off

Gambling With Gulfies

Just lost $75 playing blackjack, mostly with a Jordanian, a Saudi who was clearly missing one or more chromosomes, and said Saudi's Italian escort/whore. Bye bye Cairo.

Checking in from the Kandalama hotel in Dambulla, Sri Lanka.

Dispatch from Steve:

There are monkeys on the porch. Becky is doing yoga up by the natural rock pools.
Heading out in a bit to visit ancient city, followed by 4x4 ride through national park to jam with wild elephants.

This is Why Third World Zoos Are Awesome

Ignore the hyenas pacing, incessantly lobotomized in tiny cages or the crocodiles swimming in garbage and go hold a baby chimp for $3.

Mwang at Giza zoo.

Cows Invade Campus

Studying continues unabated.

Saturday Night

7:00pm, Hermitage, St. Patrick's Parish, Grenada, West Indies


On road to Hermitage.

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