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Cigarettes: They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To

After returning from Istanbul, which feels like the only place left in the world where cigarette smoking has yet to eclipse toothpaste in popularity, and returning to New York's nearly smokeless society, and now seeing these wonderful Soviet cigarette packets, I am finally realizing what almost everyone else around me has: we are well past the golden age of tobacco.

Grêle au Chef (Hail to the Chief)

Gentleman Prefers Blondes

Prince Charles visits members of the British armed service.

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5% of Americans Think One of These Two Men Is Still in Power

Newsweek's survey, and Wonkette have more on how stupid you and I are.

The Best Worst Job In the World?

It's hard to tell if he's smiling or grimacing.

Via English Russia

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Can You Spot Which Elements of This Photo Make it Not Like Your Father's Basement Office?

Story from the NY Times here and photos here.

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Vacation!!! (Day Two)

Here's us on the boardwalk. Tony thinks he knows where we're going. Ange was too busy "chatting" with George to show us where to go ... LOLZ!!!

Unfortunately, we didn't get the time to hang out at Ange's place on Day Two. Though it was not without fun!!!

Here's my photos from Day Two of our vacation on the German seaside.

Day One's photos are here.

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Our Vacation on the Coast of Germany: Day One

Full set of photos from Flickr G-8 site here

*Extra credit to anyone who can name which couple in the photo above is not a head-of-state/first spouse of a G-8 Nation.

See the rest of my photos from day one of our fun-filled trip below!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Showdown at the G-8

Via the New York Times. More info on the G-8 summit from the BBC, and photos here.

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I Can Imagine Giuliani-Clinton Going Something Like This

From this fantastic New York Times account of a recent debate between the combatants for the French Presidency, Nicolas Sarkozy and Segolene Royal:

“Calm down,” he told her.

“No, I will not calm down,” she replied.

“Do not point at me with this finger, with this——” he said.

“No. Yes,” she said.

“With this index finger pointed, because frankly——”

“No, I will not calm down,” she said. “No, I will not calm down. I will not calm down.”

“To be president of the republic, you have to be calm,” he said.

She responded: “Not when there are injustices. There are angers that are perfectly healthy because they correspond to people’s suffering. There are angers I will have even when I am president of the republic.”

In the middle of her sentence, Mr. Sarkozy tried to stop her, asking, “Madame Royal, would you allow me to say one word?” But she ignored him.

His voice took on a patronizing tone. “I don’t know why the usually calm Madame Royal has lost her nerve,” he said.

Mr. Sarkozy repeatedly tried to paint Ms. Royal as uninformed. She tried to paint him as overbearing. There was equal-time interruption.


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