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Have We Endorsed the Geek?

From a New York Times story on Obama & McCain's tenuous relationship:

"Examples of [Hillary & McCain's] mutual respect typically include a tale of holding a vodka-drinking contest in Estonia. Such a celebration may have been unlikely to happen with Mr. Obama, who on a trip to Russia in 2005 asked that his shot glass be filled with water."

Of course, it's possible Obama just didn't want to win this contest:

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Photo Quiz: Eliot Spitzer or Stu Benedict?

Which is which? Who is Governor Eliot Spitzer of the great state of New York? And Who is bus driver Stu Benedict of the great TV show The Adventures of Pete & Pete?

answer: they're the same person!
UPDATE 2/28: Evidence that Spitzer agrees that he's a "bus driver"

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Where the White House Gets Its Clip Art...

Is it just me, or does it look like the White House is getting its clip art cues from Wolfenstein 3D? It makes a little bit of sense, considering the hand gesture.

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Live-blogging the Really Big Huge Gigantic Non-Decisive Election Thing. Err...Change!

About a billion (literally) states will hold primary or caucus-like things tomorrow. We'll be there.

Our endorsement?

What? That's not Obama? He really should grow a mustache.

We'll support him anyway. I guess. But if he grows that mustache, we'll be a little more excited about it.

10:45 a.m. EST: Bill Clinton has made his predictions. Bill left out about half the states; and included Idaho twice. And where the fuck is Samoa? And the motherfucking Democrats Abroad? -B

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h/t to Shurpa Update

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George Bush Doesn't Like Black People?

Maybe, for some black people, the feeling is mutual:

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"Oh, and Senator, just one more thing: love your suit!"

The New York Times tells the story of how Giuliani dropped out of Battle of the Sexes 2000.

It all started after a campaign event. There, the mayor was stunned to realize that his dominatrix was also his opponent.

His supporters looked on, thinking, (left to right):

(i) "She'll never know what we shared, Rudy.";

(ii) "I will fuck her."; and

(iii) "I need to get some more of those bacon-wrapped whatevers."

Lady MacBeth Rises From Grave to Attack Condi; Still Has Blood on Hands

A protester "attacked" Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice as she arrived to testify before the House Foreign Relations Committee.

[Via The New York Post, includes video.]

"Shhh... I'm not gonna tell him how to spell llama correctly."


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