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This should just disqualify you from ever setting foot in the White House.

What is it about overweight men and the bass?

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You know who else is kinda bangin'?

Josh recently commented on the bangin-ness of Dennis Kucinich's wife, whom we must understand probably has been set up with Dennis by the movement.

But he's not the only politician with a bangin wife. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the wives of the right wing.

Fred Thompson's wife:

Read on...

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Photo Caption Contest Time!!

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Congress: Working Hard to Congratulate Every Football Team They Can

On his web site, Congressman Vito Fossella (R-NY - Staten Island, to be specific) encourages users to visit Thomas (a Library of Congress web site with more records than you'd ever want to see) to see how he has voted.

This is of course, a good idea. People should know what their Congressman is up to. However, if you're a total shmuck (like Fossella), you may want to think twice. Fossella tells readers that the link to Thomas' Roll Call votes page will "take you to a table of votes similar to the one seen here:"

Great work, Vito. Smash-up job. Boise State! Florida! Observing MLK day! Tackling the controversial issues one at a time.

I'm almost more offended that he's stupid enough to put up this as an example of his voting than I am about his continuing efforts to stooge for the Administration and big business.

Check here for more on why this guy sucks.

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Where's My Copy of The Long Tail!?

How scary is this photograph?

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"Daisy" II

Following up on a related post below, check out this video from a right wing crackhouse site that is listed on John McCain's campaign site as a blog that "you may be interested in reading and responding to."

"Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards. They're all too weak, too inexperienced, and too politically correct to prevent a nuclear 9/11 from occurring in America. In your heart you know it's true."

A month or so ago, two of John Edwards' bloggers were bludgeoned into submission by the right. And McCain is putting links on his campaign site to this bullshit?

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Geeks: Don't Vote McCain

I can't get enough of RSS feeds. In particular, I can't get enough of Google Reader.

(Still reading?)

Briefly: Google Reader allows you to (i) get the most news in the least time, (ii) bypass a significant number of advertisements, and (iii) keep up with sites that you wouldn't otherwise take the time to check (Hello Drunk Athletes!). Plus, the sharing feature is a pretty fantastic way of imposing your shitty tastes on others without also imposing your insipid world view.

In doing research for a separate project on the absurdity of the ongoing presidential campaigns, I decided to grab the RSS feeds from the major candidates' sites. One problem: John McCain ain't got one. (Yes, Obama, Clinton (x3), Edwards, Giuliani, and Romney all have feeds.) In fact, the "blog"* on McCain's site is... an invitation to start your own blog! The page's words:

"Blogs are unquestionably an important part of today's political landscape and we are excited about hearing from you! Here are three ways you can get involved today as we build our official campaign blog."

The site then has the audacity to require you to register (with e-mail and postal address being "required" fields) in order to even post a question or a video that could possibly be posted on the forthcoming McCain blog.

[Two not-quite-unrelated facts: (1) McCain is 70 years old, and (2) McCain's campaign has raised $12 million.]

I'm sure this is all for the best; I'd probably get irritated every time I saw a new item from a McCain blog posting. I'm getting irritated just thinking about it.

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Karl Rove is Comedian, MC (i.e. the new Will Smith)

This might be the worst thing ever (via Idolator):

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A DC Minute Lasts 2 Months, 3 Days, 1 Hour, and 17 Minutes

[Content: The Notion via The Nation and The Caucus via The New York Times]

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The Temporary (White House Press) Secretary: She's a Lady!

Dana Perino, who is filling in for Tony Snow as White House Press Secretary, might be the best (or at the very least, most attractive) person to come out of 6+ years of Bush.

In her first press conference in the new role, she's already admitting the backwardness of the administration and the inconsistencies of its stance on the fired US Attorneys (fwd. to ~1:30 mark of the video below to skip Olbermann's rant and get to the WHPS hotness):

Read on to find out who the greatest WHPS ever is. Hint: It's not Bill Moyers, Ari Fleischer, Joe Lockhart, or Dee Dee Myers.

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