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Krasdale Kolumn #4 - Chocolate Syrup

Name: Krasdale Chocolate Flavored Syrup

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MOVIES ABOUT MOVIES: They Speak for Themselves

Rarely have movies about movies been officially acknowledged as a cinematic subgenre. And yet, there have been hundreds of them from many different countries and time periods. When watching a movie whose narrative is in some way a reflection on the filmmaking process, most cinephiles can achieve instant orgasms without having to lift a finger. Does the very self-reflective nature of these films make them inherently vain?


Look at my hair! Like the design!

I've been taking pictures and putting them on the internet for a while, but I have just now gotten around to folding my web photo efforts into the Drome Empire. I will hopefully be updating this more frequently now that I have the technical means to do so. My site, Look at my hair! Like the design! can be accessed from the main menu or at

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Mix Lull - 19 April 2006

It has been a while. Here's another mix. It started out as a "long songs are good" mix but that was a long time ago. It's now different. Download link will expire in 1 week.

1. "Everlasting Love" — Alisa — We Love Katamari OST

Krasdale Kolumn #3

Name: Krasdale Cheese Pizza: For One

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The Juvenile Jungle

"J. Edgar Hoover ranked 'the juvenile jungle' right up there with communism as a threat to American freedom."
- Thomas Doherty, Teenagers & Teenpics

Devaluation of the Dollar - March 28, 2006

A friend of mine who shall remain nameless (name begins with D and ends with AN SMITH - that narrows it down to about two million) recently expressed to me that he wasn't so fond of the 1970s when it comes to rock n' roll. With several exceptions (namely Bowie), he felt that the decade was pretty much a wasteland.

Bourgeois Talk

Larry McMurtry, crotchety old man who wrote Brokeback Mountain and wore jeans to the Academy Awards, has written in depth about the inability of cinema to depict intellectuals and intelligence on-screen.

Bangerz 'n Mash - March 21, 2006

Round 3 of mixes continues on with my selection of choice cuts that are so hot they cook.

1) Plantlife/Nina Sky: "Love 4 the World/Turnin' Me On" (Fabriclive 24: Diplo)
The handclap/"Hey!" background makes this song a burner to start off with. Do I love Diplo cause he's a dope selector or cause he loves Ludacris as much as I do?

Conversion of a Jew - Jan. 31, 2006

Okay, so this mix includes at least two party fowls – see if you can spot them – but, as Lars von Trier says, rules are made to be broken. There’s a bigger picture at work here. And that picture is Jesus. The best song on this mix is by Dusty Springfield.

1. Pulp: "I'm a Man" (This Is Hardcore)
Here I start my journey at my Jewiest. Though Jews are often associated by mass culture with femininity or weakness, I am inverting that stereotype. Jews are some of the most hetero-masculine, homophobic, "square" people I know. Just look at Jerry Seinfeld or Larry David or Woody Allen.


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