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Ray Charles = Johnny Cash = Ian Curtis

It occurred to be while watching Anton Corbijn’s Control that maybe the reason I don’t like spending time or making friends with artists has something to do with all the biopics I’ve seen in my life.

Ian Curtis – a vocalist and songwriter whose music I admire and occasionally get down to, and would never confuse with, say, the soulful songs of Ray Charles or the melancholy ballads of Johnny Cash – comes off in Control like the same person as Ray Charles in Ray and Johnny Cash in Walk the Line.

The funny thing about biopics is that they usually intend to elevate their subject above other people – the one man who stood out, who was too much of a genius and a retard to play well with others, who couldn’t be a good artist and a good husband let alone a good dad, etc. And yet, the stupefying similarity of all biopics to one another seems to suggest that these great men aren’t so special after all.

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Another Reason Not To Vote For Him: Giuliani Does a GREAT Billy Crystal Impersonation

[Via NY Times]

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The 35mm Afterlife

I've recently seen the best movie of 2007. It's called I'm Not There, and I'm sure you will be hearing a lot about it in the oncoming months. But let's hope that the Weinsteins' academy campaign for Cate Blanchett doesn't obscure what's really going on here... Todd Haynes and his actors have done something truly amazing.

Excuse me for saying so, but not since Citizen Kane has a film reveled in such endless innovation, in the interest of contemplating identity and mortality, as I'm Not There.

The difference between the two masterpieces - aside from 66 years - is that the first film is a cynical epitaph that comes closer than any other film - before or after - to capturing a man's life on celluloid and then boldly proclaims such a feat impossible. It was a profound statement in 1941 that thematically and aesthetically ushered in the era of noir, but its detective narrative was a gentle way of teaching audiences a harsh truth: identity is very slippery and probably unattainable.

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I Don't Even Know What I'm Doing Here.

Kim Jong-il meets Roh Moo-hyun; seems unimpressed.

[Via NY Times]

I'm Back Bitches!

Yulia Tymoshenko appears to be on her way back to the PM's office.

No word yet, however, on what her nearly-as-hot daughter, Yevhenia, has to say about this development.

[Via Guardian Unlimited]

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Desperation Rings

Another Monday morning, another plaintive 5AM email from Barack. Tried to break up with him this weekend but I just couldn't do it.

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Do Not Fuck With Rade

Russian Croatian actor, sometime singer, and one of Cosmodrome's favorite Russians, Rade Serbedzija was big pimpin' at the Toronto Film Festival.

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A New Game: Time... or The Onion?

An all-time classic image - a commemorative plate with Bill and some broads - graces this week's TIME magazine.

*... and when you add in the 50 Cent/Denzel box on top ... well, the line between hard news and satire are blurred beyond recognition.

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Photo Caption Contest II

"Biden to Petraeus: General, Turn Those Photographers Around."

[Photo via The New York Times.]

And here's Photo Caption Contest, Part I.

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