2007 Was Great for Film. But Does the Future of Listmaking Lie in Jeopardy?

2007 was a great year for movies—one of the best in recent memory. It was a particularly strong year for American cinema. In addition to offering new important films from American auteurs (Paul Thomas Anderson, the Coen Bros, and Todd Haynes among others), 2007 provided exceptional works of mainstream commercial movies, including Hollywood summer releases like Ratatouille, Knocked Up, and The Bourne Ultimatum, all of which one could argue are also the work of auteurs. There were interesting, significant works of American cinema across nearly all budget levels and genres. Less foreign films made my top 10 list than in previous years, which probably has less to do with a lack of quality than with the fact that I had the opportunity to see less foreign films due to increasingly poor distribution for international titles. But even if we were to just look at the U.S.’s output of movies in 2007 in isolation from the rest of the world (probably not an advisable position in today’s geopolitical climate, I admit), we would still have an exceptional crop of pictures for discussion.

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What ARE we talking about?

The eternal debate, "practice" or "playoffs," a conversation between Allen Iverson and Jim Mora:

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WTFCNN, indeed.

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The Year of the Panda Bear

It really was the year of the Panda.

Now that Pitchfork has named Panda Bear's "Person Pitch" the "Album of the Year," it should be noted that Cosmodrome predicted this SUBCONSCIOUSLY by posting about panda bears a total of five times in the year 2007, making it the most talked about subject this year, besides Daft Punk.

So here they are for you, our retrospective prophesy confirmed!

Scenes from Indiana Jones, set to the music of Panda Bear.

Thai Zoo Hopes Porn Will Get Sluggish Pandas to Mate

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"Helden" (Dec. 18, 2007)

If there was ever a song that required a mix to be made around it, that song would be Blake Leyh's "The Fall". I may just end all my mixes with that song.

Also-- Mogwai covering Pixies, the song that inspired the robot dance (a video worth watching), Jerry Lee Lewis pulling a Marty McFly at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance and blowing the backing band away, and of course, more Pulp.


1. Spoon – “Don’t Buy The Realistic” (Telephono)
2. Familjen“Det Snurrar I Min Skalle” (Det Snurrar I Min Skalle)
3. David Bowie – “Helden”
4. Chromatics – “I Want Your Love” (IV)
5. Sumo – “Its Good (ft. Juvelen)”
6. Jackson 5“Dancing Machine” (Dancing Machine)
7. Hystereo – “Gonna Love You” (Gonna Love You)
8. Hot Chip“Ready for the Floor” (Made In The Dark)
9. Jerry Lee Lewis – “Mean Woman Blues” (Live at the Star Club Hamburg)
10. Mogwai – “Gouge Away” (Dig For Fire: Pixies Tribute)
11. Lovage – “Pit Stop (Take Me Home)” (Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By)
12. Pulp – “I’m A Man” (This is Hardcore)
13. Bruce Springsteen - “I’m On Fire”
14. Blake Leyh - “The Fall”


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Attacking Soon... upcoming movies of note.

While everyone's compiling their best of 07 lists, I thought it might be worthwhile to highlight two of the most anticipated movies of 2008: John Rambo and Illegal Aliens. Here are their ultraviolent trailers.

Seinfeld Babies

If it is too early in the morning to have your mind blown to bits 'n' pieces, please do not watch this video:

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Age Without Wisdom

Sometimes, my anticipation for a particular film – Eyes Wide Shut, Kill Bill: Vol. 2, There Will Be Blood – becomes so intense that I have dreams about seeing the film before I actually see it. Inevitably, I wake up from these dreams completely relieved that my brain’s nightmarish concoction was not the actual film. Francis Ford Coppola’s Youth Without Youth is a nightmarish concoction from which you never wake up.

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"Oh, and Senator, just one more thing: love your suit!"

The New York Times tells the story of how Giuliani dropped out of Battle of the Sexes 2000.

It all started after a campaign event. There, the mayor was stunned to realize that his dominatrix was also his opponent.

His supporters looked on, thinking, (left to right):

(i) "She'll never know what we shared, Rudy.";

(ii) "I will fuck her."; and

(iii) "I need to get some more of those bacon-wrapped whatevers."

Cities. / Thanksgiving.



1. Vangelis - "Blade Runner Suite Part 17" [edit] (Blade Runner)

2. The Chromatics - "In the City" [demo version] (Body Language, Vol. 4 (DJ Dixon))

3. Toy - "Rabbit Pushing Mower" (DJ Kicks: Annie)

4. Black Moth Super Rainbow - "Rollderdisco" (Dandelion Gum)

5. Glass Candy - "Rolling Down the Hills"

6. The Tough Alliance - "A New Chance" (A New Chance)

7. Cut Copy w/ Fade - "So Haunted" (In Ghost Colours)

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