A Bookmark, Of Sorts, So You Always Know Where To Find These

The only music videos you need, right here.

Chris Cornell featuring Timbaland - Part of Me

Brokencyde - Freaxxx

Monkey on a spring

I could seriously stare at this thing for hours.

What is it with us and monkeys?

Gambling With Gulfies

Just lost $75 playing blackjack, mostly with a Jordanian, a Saudi who was clearly missing one or more chromosomes, and said Saudi's Italian escort/whore. Bye bye Cairo.

Checking in from the Kandalama hotel in Dambulla, Sri Lanka.

Dispatch from Steve:

There are monkeys on the porch. Becky is doing yoga up by the natural rock pools.
Heading out in a bit to visit ancient city, followed by 4x4 ride through national park to jam with wild elephants.

This is Why Third World Zoos Are Awesome

Ignore the hyenas pacing, incessantly lobotomized in tiny cages or the crocodiles swimming in garbage and go hold a baby chimp for $3.

Mwang at Giza zoo.

Burger v. Man

Arrival, and laying the foundation

The Five Most Beautiful Words in the English Language

Leftover Peter Luger's for breakfast.

Cows Invade Campus

Studying continues unabated.

Saturday Night

7:00pm, Hermitage, St. Patrick's Parish, Grenada, West Indies


On road to Hermitage.

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