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Chris Cornell featuring Timbaland - Part of Me

Brokencyde - Freaxxx

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Monkey on a spring

I could seriously stare at this thing for hours.

What is it with us and monkeys?

Gambling With Gulfies

Just lost $75 playing blackjack, mostly with a Jordanian, a Saudi who was clearly missing one or more chromosomes, and said Saudi's Italian escort/whore. Bye bye Cairo.

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Checking in from the Kandalama hotel in Dambulla, Sri Lanka.

Dispatch from Steve:

There are monkeys on the porch. Becky is doing yoga up by the natural rock pools.
Heading out in a bit to visit ancient city, followed by 4x4 ride through national park to jam with wild elephants.

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This is Why Third World Zoos Are Awesome

Ignore the hyenas pacing, incessantly lobotomized in tiny cages or the crocodiles swimming in garbage and go hold a baby chimp for $3.

Mwang at Giza zoo.

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Burger v. Man

Arrival, and laying the foundation

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The Five Most Beautiful Words in the English Language

Leftover Peter Luger's for breakfast.

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Cows Invade Campus

Studying continues unabated.

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Saturday Night

7:00pm, Hermitage, St. Patrick's Parish, Grenada, West Indies

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On road to Hermitage.

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