City/Island - Feb 10, 2009

In the limbo time between leaving the city and moving to the island, I was torn between listening to tracks reminding me of city life and pumping myself with tracks to sunny-up my disposition for island life. These mixes are a purging of songs I’ve been sitting on for a while, some a great while. Have I gotten less subtle as time has gone on (The Bowie track, 2 mentions of “Beach”, 2 of “City”, 1 of “Island” ) or lazier? The fact is, I could have been worse (Whitest Boy’s “Courage” rather than “Island”, Air France’s “Collapsing…” rather than “Beach Party”, nothing by Beach Party for that matter, etc).
Put in whatever order you wish, but the specified first and last tracks are recommended.

There’s a gem amongst this whole collection: the Legend/Colbert joint “Nutmeg”.
Gets me everytime.

1.Avalanches – “Ray of Zdarlight”
-The Cars – “Heartbeat City”
-Enon – “In This City”
-Matias Aguayo – “Minimal (DJ Koze Radio Edit)”
-Arthur Russell – “Your Motion Says”
-Cassius – “Rock No. 1 (K I M remix)”
-Hot Chip – “Transmission”
-Gui Boratto – “No Turning Back”
-The Whitest Boy Alive – “Courage”
-Kaito - “Hundred Million Lightyears"
11. Telefon Tel Aviv – “Sound In A Dark Room”

1.David Bowie – “New Career In A New Town”
-Studio – “Life’s a Beach!”
-Cat Power – “Islands”
-Beach Boys - “Sloop John B”
-Stephen Colbert & John Legend – “Nutmeg”
-Gui Boratto – “Beautiful Life (demo)”
-Stevie Wonder – “Boogie On Reggae Woman”
-Tony Matterhorn – “Dutty Wine” *
-Marcia Griffiths – “Feel Like Jumping”
-The BPA – “Toe Jam ft. David Bryne & Dizzee Rascal”
-Erlend Oye/Phoenix – “If I Ever Feel Better”
12.Air France – “Collapsing At Your Doorstep”

*”Some doctors have warned against performing the Dutty Wine, claiming it may cause serious muscle trauma, and ligament damage.”

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check out my original dance moves

This isn't funny at all.

mark e. smith reads the football results

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home run.

The title of this video is: "Keeping your refrigerator stocked will get you many women."

Its YouTube metatags are: Women, refrigerator, koolaid, Mystic, Drinks, Snacks, big Girls, Playstation3, Xbox, Freeze, pops, Chevy Caprice, vagina, panties.

Hold for the ending - it's pretty ripe.

something mindless, hypnotic, and absurd

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Trinushka Leningradskaya

With Putin patiently awaiting my arrival, I leave you with my certifiably bangin Thanksgiving 2008 mix.
Тринушка Ленинградская
Trinushka Leningradskaya*

01. Sonic Youth, "The Burning Spear"
02. Grauzone, "Hinter den Bergen"
03. David Bowie, "Sound and Vision"
04. Prince, "Under the Cherry Moon"
05. Sean Paul, "Breakout"
06. Bossman, "Ayo"
07. France Gall, "Nefertiti"
08. Izza Kizza, "Timbo freestyle"
09. Izza Kizza, "Millionaire"
10. Suicide, "Ghost Rider"
11. T.I., "U Don't Know Me"
12. The Police, "The Bed's too Big Without You"
13. The Monochrome Set,"The Jet Set Junta"
14. Timbaland, Magoo & Missy Elliot, "Cop that Shit"
15. UNK, "Walk it Out"

I am predictable, I know.

it kills the bad things inside you...

The Stuff: Are you eating it... or is it eating YOU???

First watch this (and watch for Paul Sorvino):

And then watch this:

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Songs I've Been Singing Along To

This is a simple mix. The theme: songs I've been singing along to.

It includes:

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