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Golden Hour - September 5, 2006

Suck it up: Summer's gone.
But we were there for you, first with a mix to ease you into Summer, and now with this one to help ease you out of it. Starting with the anthem to late Summer and ending with a song for those frosty Fall nights (or shootouts in Miami). Named after the hour of dusk where the setting sun casts everything in a heroic light, where the humidity creaks, then crumbles as the frigid air settles over, and with cuts coming from such disparate places as the streets of Harlem, the shores of Sweden, and the fiery-hot loins of Alan Thicke, it has everything one could ask for.

So grab a seat on your roof, stoop, or balcony, pour yourself a tall stiff glass of amber spirits, turn on this mix, and watch the sky set fire and burn out.

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Pop.Drop.Roll. - June 15, 2006

Summer's here. Time to break out some fresh white kicks, drink on roofs, and become best friends with someone who owns a functioning a/c. This mix is the soundtrack to all those things; those hot, humid, humming summer day where your brain's too cooked to decide what to listen to. Consider it an alternative, a cure, if you will, to those doldrums of the Dem Bow Blues.
Shit yeah, download HERE.

oh, and one last thing: HOT PANTS!

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This Mix is SICK! (aka Breakin' All the Rules)

Getting sick is generally pretty shitty. However, it can have one redeeming quality: the chance to lie in bed (on painkillers) and listen to ambient music. Get the music by e-mailing cosmodromemag@gmail.com for some spaced out sublimity.

1. Jens Lekman: “Maple Leaves (7” Version)” (Oh You’re So Silent Jens)
This one is essentially unrelated to the overall theme, but there is some sort of fundamental rule about opening a mixtape with a beat like this. The shout-out of Cosmodrome fave Mark E. Smith also gains it bonus points.

2. The Velvet Underground: “Lady Godiva’s Operation” (White Light/White Heat)

3. J. Dilla: “Hi” (Donuts)

4. The Knife: “Marble House” (Silent Shout)

5. Caetano Veloso: “Michelangelo Antonioni” (Noites Do Norte)
Antonioni makes movies for people on painkillers. ...Read on...

CAPITAL LETTERS -- May 29, 2006

...as in OLD, COPPED, HOT, and DANCE! Yeah, whatev. Just listen. It's awesome...except maybe that one song that I chose almost purely because the band's name is my birthday.


1. Beirut: "The Gulag Orkestar" (The Gulag Orkestar)

2. Sonic Youth: "What A Waste" (Rather Ripped)

3. Gorillaz: "Kids With Guns (Hot Chip remix)" (Kids With Guns (EP))

4. TKO: "1-800-Ted & Kette" (Let's Get Ready to Rumble)

Another False Alarm - May 26, 2006

Elvis. Bruce. Neil.

Sometimes it's necessary to listen to the Great White Men.


1. Bruce Springsteen: "Thunder Road" (Born to Run)

2. The Clash: "Train in Vain" (London Calling)

3. Elvis Costello: "Pump It Up" (This Year's Model)

4. David Bowie: "Rebel Rebel" (Diamond Dogs)

So So Broke 05.23.06

"Is anyone else noticing a pattern in the Hustlina mixes? By the 12th mix, we will probably have an entire Fall album, an entire Misfits album, an entire ESG album, and a whole bunch of hip hop."
Jeff Deutchman

I've always complained about how choosing the best tracks for each mix is an angering process that ends with me cursing myself and my mp3 collection. I go through the library collecting everything that I deem mixworthy, and I end up with a six hour playlist. After this critical point in the selection process, choosing which songs make it and which don't is, basically, completely arbitrary. That's why I decided to drop this one so soon after my last one.

COP THAT SHIT! (expires in one week)

01. The Fall, "Frightened"
02. The Misfits "Hybrid Moments"
03. Juelz Santana, "Santana's Town"
04. Soundmaster T, "2 Much Booty (In Da Pants)"
05. American Kompa, "NYC Generation"
06. Shystie, "Woman's World"

Everyday I'm Hustlin'

It was rainy all day, so HERE is a playlist expressing my inner precipitation. Admit you just laughed!

You have one week before the link expires.


01. Rick Ross, “Hustlin”
Clique-anthem-worthy-title aside, this dozen-layered beat is so spooky. Verses are thoroughly disappointing, but whatever.
02. Chamillionaire ft/Krayzie Bone, “Ridin’”
I am so glad this song exists. Especially because of the end of a certain Bone Thugs star's verse. "My music's so loud, we SWANGIN!"
03. The Misfits, “Return of the Fly”
It is hard for me to go without a track from Static Age on any mix. I probably won't stop until I have gone through the whole album. I love New Jersey! I love Glenn Danzig's heavenly voice!
04. Cabaret Voltaire, “Silent Command”
Take a few drugs, and you'll understand.
'Read More' to...read more.

Buckminster Fuller and the Thumping Beat Machine - Feb. 7, 2006

Buckminster Fuller and the Thumping Beat Machine

1. Add N to (X): "Buckminster Fuller" (Avant Hard)

2. R. Kelly: "[Intro to] In the Kitchen (Remix)" (TP.3 Reloaded)

3. The Human Beinz: "Nobody But Me" (Nobody But Me)

4. Love is All: "Ageing Had Never Been His Friend" (Nine Times the Same Song)

5. Depeche Mode: "I Feel You" (The Singles 86-98)

6. Nine Inch Nails: "The Hand That Feeds (DFA Remix) [Edit]" (The Hand That Feeds (EP))

7. Gorillaz: "D.A.R.E." (Demon Days)

8. Hot Chip: "Over and Over (Soulwax Remix) [Edit]" (Soulwax Essential Mix 2005)

9. Juvenile f. Skip & Wacko: "Booty Language" (Hustle & Flow)

ungloved and suited just fine v.2 - April 25, 2006

I don't really know what this title means, but whatev. There's no theme to this mix. I just haven't written or done really anything in a long time, so this is a start. I plan to listen to this shit while walking a dog tomorrow morning.

1. Black Menace: "Going Off" (s/t)
There must've been at least thirty people crammed into the studio during the recording of this track. Forties galore, amoung other refreshments.

2. Ann Sexton: "You've Been Gone Too Long" (You're Gonna Miss Me)
What an unforgiving bitch. Love it.

Fuck the Working Week - Apr. 21, 2006

The original title was going to be "Welcome to the Working Week," but as the current title implies, fuck that.

The Man
1. Horace Andy: "Money, Money (The Root of All Evil)" (Skylarking)
Horace, how about you start things up by kicking it root down?

2. Neil Young: "Vampire Blues" (On the Beach)
This is an absolutely amazing song to pop on first when you walk out the door in the a.m. Especially if you're like me and like to wake up thinking about how oil men are runnin' this shit.

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