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Mo Earl, Mo Problems

I have no idea if i am formatting this right. Or even if i have to format this...Jeff asked me if i knew HTML and due to my uncontrollable eagerness to please Jeff with positive answers, i replied in the affirmative. It was a lie.

We are about to open the new sandwich shop. The earl of sandwich and we will hurt you with how good we are. This is the music we are playing at the moment...it has no direction or motivation beyond a bizarre ability to sell food and make girls wiggle...sometimes. Othertimes it does neither of these things but instead gets us dirty looks from the fathers, mothers, and grandparents of the young. Sometimes it is hard to defend.

1. Chain Hang Low(Remix ft. Yung Joc, Lil'Wayne & Lil'Mont) - Jibbs
2. Got It - Leonard De Leonard (there should be little accent marks over those e's right)
3. Shoulder Lean (Curtis Vodka Remix) - Young Dro
4. Mature Macho Machine Feat. Ears, Skepta, Tinchy Strider, TTC, Produced by Radioclit - Cuizinier
5. LDN (South Rakkas Crack Whore Riddim) - Lily Allen
6. Unemployed Black Astronaut - Busdriver
7. Tell Me Why Has Our Love Turned Cold - Willie Hutch
8. Mullokian - Found
9. Right Place Wrong Time - Dr. John

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Tsarina Hustlina: Queen uh duh Hustlaz

Our little princess has grown up so fast!

You better CATCH THESE SOUNDZ before Stalin (or the BPD, whatever) finds out!

01. Swell Maps, "H.S. Art" (A Trip to Marineville)
02. Delta 5, "Mind Your Own Business"
(Singles & Sessions 1979-81)
03. Wire, "Reuters" (Pink Flag)
04. Sean (de)Paul, "Shout (Street Respect)"
(Dutty Rock)
05. Blondie, "Tide is High" (Best of Blondie, originally in Autoamerican)
...what Paris Hilton's first single, "Stars are Blind," was trying to and failed to achieve/rip-off
06. Dem Franchize Boyz, "Ridin' Rimz" (On Top of Our Game)
07. The Homosexuals, "Neutron Lover" (The Homosexuals)
08. Giorgio Moroder, "First Hand Experience in Second Hand Love" (From Here to Eternity)
09. Hot Chip, "Tchaparian" (The Warning)
...this should be in Earthbound--see track 13--and the mumbling part should be a middle-aged Japanese midi artist
10. Cajmere, "Midnight (Original Mix)" (VA: Solid Sounds 2004, Vol. 2)
11. Beanie Sigel ft/ Jay-Z, Freeway, Young Chris, "Think It's a Game" (The Reason)
...Jigga: "Mouthpiece for hustlers, ventriloquist for jugglers"
12. Echo & the Bunnymen, "No Dark Things" (Heaven Up Here)
13. Keiichi Suzuki & Hirokazu Tanaka, "Earthbound - Hotel Music" (from 'Earthbound' for the Super Nintendo, which you should definitely play)
14. Big Tymers, "Still Fly" (Hood Rich)
...how I live: ballin' on a budget
15. Ciara ft/Ludacris, "Oh" (Goodies)
...same chord progression as "Rubberband Man" by T.I.?
16. Talking Heads, "Electric Guitar" (Fear of Music)

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The Takeover: Q4 '06


As we wind down this glorious quarter, it's good to look back and see
how far we've come as a business. These are songs that have, at some
point in the last 3 months, made me say "this is for the next mix.
damn." The songs that prompted a further audience than myself alone.
The fact that the mix didn't happen until now is ground for improvement
moving forward, but takes nothing away from the fruits of the last 90
days (+/-).

1. Live Wire - Martha & the Vandellas (Complete Motown Singles Vol 4)
2. Quero Sambai Meu Bem - Tom Ze (Revolution in Brazil Comp.)
3. Just Ain't Enough Love - Eddie Holland (Detroit Rare Tracks 3)
4. Freedom - Pt 2 (aka Clark in the Dark) Charles Mingus (Complete Town Hall Concert)
5. Leaving Here - Tommy Good (Complete Motown Singles Vol. 4)
—Rounding out Motown section
6. Under My Thumb - Rolling Stones - Aftermath
7. Tonton du Bled - 113 - (Les Princes de la Ville)
8. Trill - Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury
9. The Boxer (DFA Version) - Chemical Bros - (DFA Remixes: Chapter 1)
—DFA's more motorik shit (See Also: Nike Running Mix) = fantastic. This used to be a Neu! song in this slot of the mix but this was a last minute sub.

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Janet Jackson & Friends

Hard to believe that it was already one year ago that we made each other's ears bleed and Cosmodrome was born. In that time, I have gained employment, moved out of my parents' house, and started eating sushi. But I still listen to the same old tunes... Janet and friends.

Gorgeous Gorging Vol. 2: Soul Food Edition

Layer this mix over your travels or feast cooking like a heaping helping of warm, soulful gravy.

Get that mix HERE

And for those who haven't gotten enough of our 2006 batch of Thanksgiving Mixes, check HERE for a recently re-up'd version of my mix from last year.

(ps: yes, i did spend no more than 5 minutes photoshopping that cover)

1. Lyn Taitt: "Soul Food" (400% Dynamite)

2. Lon Rogers & Soul Blenders "My Girl is a Soul Girl" (Eccentric Soul: Mighty Mike Lenaburg)

3. William Bell: "Never Like This Before" (The Complete Stax-Volt Singles)

4. Jerry Jones: "Still Water" (Studio One Soul)

5. The Majestic Arrows: "One More Time Around" (Eccentric Soul: The Bandit Label)

6. Joey Gilmore: "Somebody Done Took My Baby and Gone" (Miami Sound)

7. Donovan Carless: "Be Thankful" (Impact!: Rare and Unreleased Reggae, Funk & Soul)

8. Etta James: "You Got It" (Chicago Sound)

Reggaetronics, or Sometimes it's Necessary to Listen to the Great Black Men

Reggaetronics, or Sometimes it's Necessary to Listen to the Great Black Men

I thought about making this all reggae/ska, and couldn't do it. Then I figured, as a response to Another False Alarm, I'd do a tribute to the Great Black men. Couldn't do that either. You might say this shows a lack of backbone or a small music library or both. I'd just call myself the Great Compromiser/>.

Mix is here.

1. Desmond Dekker: "Reggae Recipe" (Israelites: The Best of Desmond Dekker)

2. Dandy Livingston: "Rudy, A Message to You" (Suzanne Beware of the Devil: The Best of Dandy Livingston)

3. The Skatalites: "Phoenix City" (Studio One Rockers)

4. Harmonettes: "Shame Shame Shame" (Cult Cargo: Belize City Boil Up)

5. The Four Tops: "Bernadette" (Heaven Must Have Sent You: The Holland/Dozier/Holland Story)

6. Curtis Mayfield: "Move on Up" (Curtis)

7. Lil' Wayne: "Show Me What You Got (Remix)"

8. Bill Withers: "Use Me" (Still Bill)

9. Arthur Robinson: "Moments (edit)" (Rare Reggae Grooves From Studio One)

10. Laurel Aitken (w/ Kenneth Richards & His Harmonizers): "Yea Yea Baby" (Trojan Jamaican R&B Box Set)

11. Stan Getz (w/ Joao Gilberto & Antonio Carlos Jobim): "Aguas de Março (Waters of March)" (The Best of Two Worlds Featuring Joao Gilberto)

12. Lindstrøm: "Arp She Said" (It's a Feedelity Affair)

13. New Order: "Dreams Never End" (Movement)

14. The Radio Dept.: "The Worst Taste in Music" (Pet Grief)

15. Roxy Music: "Same Old Scene" (Flesh & Blood)

16. The Magnetic Fields: "The Death of Ferdinand de Saussure" (69 Love Songs)

17. Nat King Cole: "The Christmas Song" (Literally, Every Fucking Christmas CD Ever Made)

18. Sam Cooke: "Bring It on Home to Me" (The Man and His Music)

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Thanksgiving Mixtapes, Year II: gnawed commodities (turkey?)

Gnawed Commodities

Some oldies, some newbies, and an artist very recently recommended by a Dr. Lintz. Enjoy.

Acquire mix now.

1. Monareta: "Matanza Funk" (Lamujer De Mi Hermano)

2. Forro in the Dark, feat. Seu Jorge: "Suor De Pele Fina" (Suor De Pele Fina Twelve Inch)

3. Plan B: "Who Needs Love" (Hot Chip Remix)

4. Anthony Hamilton: "Sista Big Bones" (Ain't Nobody Worryin')

5. Erlend Oye: "Done With You" (Dreams)

6. Pointer Sisters with DJ Food: "Pinball Number Count" (Sesame Street)

7. Gary Numan: "Listen to the Sirens" (Tubeway Army)

8. Glass Sharks: "You Got Served Again (remix)"

9. Emilie Simon: "Never Fall in Love" (Vegetal)

10. El Perro Del Mar: "God Knows (You Gotta Give to Get)" (s/t)

11. Cat Power: "Wonderwall"

12. The Rosewood Thieves: "Back Home to Harlem" (From the Decker House)

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The Second Annual Cosmodrome Thanksgiving Mixtape Parade, Brought to You By [Sponsor to be Named]

As we did last year, and in a celebration of Cosmodrome's second year of operation*, we bring you the Second Annual Cosmodrome Mixtape Parade. (*Cosmodrome is citing the United States' best (only?) non-religious, non-nationalistic, days-off-work-for-all holiday as its New Year.)

On Thanksgiving at the Cosmodrome, people of all kinds come together. Dead or alive, genius or stupid, everyone's involved. Be they Soviet mass murderers/premiers, proclaimed Jesuses of American politics, beautiful Ukranian revolutionaries, Ohioan US Congressman, or kissing rappers, they're all invited.

Really though, what else are you going to do this weekend? Some of you may venture to faraway places, others may do nothing, still others may travel and do nothing - but all of us will need some tunes to help pass the time between Wednesday and Monday. Don't deny it. Even if you plan to spend the whole weekend watching television, saving up fat for winter, fucking, finding an acceptable drunken/drugged stupor, or celebrating the Cosmodrome year passed, these electronic music files will enhance your weekend. Thank us.

Without further ado, the staff of Cosmodrome present you the 2006 Cosmodrome Mixtape Parade.

Dan: Gorgeous Gorging Vol. 2: Soul Food Edition

Jeff: Janet Jackson & Friends

Mwang: Thanksgiving Mixtapes, Year II: gnawed commodities (turkey?)

Booyahbaisse: Reggaetronics, or Sometimes it's Necessary to Listen to the Great Black Men

Mahoney: Takeover: Q4 '06

Trina: Tsarina Hustlina: Queen uh duh Hustlaz

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Space Patrol - November 7, 2006

It's been fairly dormant around here. I'm going to blame it on us being on "patrol".
But here's a mix to get you through.
(I've also re-upped my last mix for those that missed on last go-'round)

Let's get this done:

1. Amerie - "Take Control"
This makes me all woozy.

2. Cosmodrome -"Music Smells Butter With You"-(Gooom Tracks Vol. 1)
They deserve a slot on here with a name like that

3. The Replacements - "Bastards of Young" - (Tim)

4. Asie Payton - "Asie's Story" - (Just Do Me Right)

5. Raekwon - "Legal Coke"

6. MIA - "XR 2 Turbo"

7. Johnny Davis and the Arrows - "Boogedy Boogedy" - (Eccentric Soul: The Bandit Label)

8. Teddybears Sthlm - "Cobrastyle" - (Fresh!)
Lit the dance floor with blue fire during our last party.

Full Tracklist

The Sin Curve - October 24, 2006

Sex & geometry. This one's for the children.

Files are here.

1. The Outcasts - "Justa Nother Teenage Rebel" (Self Conscious Over You)

2. The Beach Boys - "When I Grow Up (To Be a Man)" (Today!)

3. The Swingin' Medallions - "Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)" (Nuggets)

4. The Talking Heads - "The Girls Want to Be With the Girls" (More Songs About Buildings and Food)

5. The Fiery Furnaces - "Benton Harbor Blues" (Bitter Tea)
This is my favorite song on this mix. For now.

6. Stereolab - "Jump Drive Shut Out"
This is the first new Stereolab song I've listened to in a few years. It surprised me; it's good.

7. Charlotte Gainsbourg - "The Operation" (The Songs That We Sing)
I don't care who you are - hearing Ms. Gainsbourg sing "I want to examine every inch of your frame" simply gets the job done.

8. Holy Shit - "Written All Over Your Face" (Stranded at Two Harbors)
When I first saw this band's name, I thought of the "Shitty Beatles" of Wayne's World fame.

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