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People Who Hate People - Nov. 22, 2005

This is NOT a sad bastard mix. Oh sure, it's got some sad-bastardy material. But really it's all about the times when people are brought together by hate. It's an ode to people who hate people. Because we all do.

Side A

1. The Avalanches: "Undersea Community" (At Last Alone)
I like the way this song opens: a soft fade-in; an unagressive beat that drops quickly; a tease of the rap... and then it blows up.

M.Y. Wang Grows Up - Nov. 22, 2005

Between ages 16 and 20, you could probably assume that I was a) overtly sad; b) obsessed with logic/death; c) laughing at everything. Not a lot has changed, but this mix gives some insight to how I view those days and what may or may not have been going on in my head.

1. Antipop Consortium: "Ping Pong" (Arrhythmia)
I think I introduced Ari Berman (yes, the Ari Berman) to them when I lived across the hall from him, but he'd never admit that.

2. The Exploding Hearts: "Rumours In Town" (Guitar Romantic)
More than half the band died in a bus accident in something very similar to that Simpsons Episode when Spinal Tap fell off a cliff.

Message of Unemployment - Nov. 22, 2005

This fall, I was unemployed. Granted, I had just graduated from college in June. But it didn't help that I spent the summer watching movies and drinking beer, and then went to backpack in Europe for six weeks. Though I got a job shortly after making this mix, I can still listen to it with almost the same amount of uncertainty and dread. Enjoy.

1. The Three O'Clock: "Jet Fighter" (Sixteen Tambourines)
Any song with a countdown is automatically a good kick-off for a mix. Add a sweet synth riff at the end of said countdown and you have gold.

2. Dykehouse: "Signal Crossing" (Midrange)

Dan's Gorgeous Gorging Mix - Nov. 22, 2005

The perfect mix for Thanksgiving time. Broken down into discrete sections:
a) The surge of excitement during the thanksgiving meal.
b) The cozy happiness of digestion.
c) Dessert!
d) The depression that comes with realizing how much you ate.
e) The revelation that you've got days worth of leftovers to look forward to.

1. Quincy Jones: "Ironside" (Kill Bill Vol. 1)

2. Foxy Brown: "Oh Yeah" (Daddy G DJ Kicks)
LAWD! LAWD! "You an industry chick/I’m and in-da-streets chick”

3. Goldfrapp: "Lovely 2 C U" (Supernature)
Best known for having the backing track for a gameboy commercial, she could probably kick our asses at Smash Brothers with all her Nintendo cred.

4. Radiohead: "Remyxamatosis [Cristian Vogel Remix]" (2+2= 5 Single)
Jamie Lidell’s batshit crazy friend does this remix, for what I can only assume is because the name is just too good to pass up. Results are pretty awesome.

5. Isolee: "My Hi Matic" (Wearemonster)


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