Oscar Winner Helen Mirren Stars in a Nic Cage Sequel

We love Nic Cage.

I mean, we love Nic Cage. Jesus. So much.

Every one of his movies is pure genius, from Fire Birds to Captain Corelli's Mandolin to the patriotically baffling National Treasure. So when I found out that the latter had a sequel planned, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, in which Nic's character Ben Gates finds out that one of his ancestors may have been involved in the Lincoln assassination plot, I realized I too had an ancestor that was involved in the Lincoln assassination plot. Which means his fictional character might be related to me.... so i dreamed up this potential family tree:

The beauty of this family tree is that not only is Nic Cage like, sort of my cousin, I feel like Helen Mirren is far enough removed in this family tree that I can still be wildly attracted to her without any creepy repercussions. Rowr.

Bonus Nic Cage action below

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Poor People

With speculation that the price of music may be heading towards zero, it's always interesting (and rare) to see bands releasing their entire albums for free. The Brian Jonestown Massacre does it.

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Karl Rove is Comedian, MC (i.e. the new Will Smith)

This might be the worst thing ever (via Idolator):

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A DC Minute Lasts 2 Months, 3 Days, 1 Hour, and 17 Minutes

[Content: The Notion via The Nation and The Caucus via The New York Times]

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The Temporary (White House Press) Secretary: She's a Lady!

Dana Perino, who is filling in for Tony Snow as White House Press Secretary, might be the best (or at the very least, most attractive) person to come out of 6+ years of Bush.

In her first press conference in the new role, she's already admitting the backwardness of the administration and the inconsistencies of its stance on the fired US Attorneys (fwd. to ~1:30 mark of the video below to skip Olbermann's rant and get to the WHPS hotness):

Read on to find out who the greatest WHPS ever is. Hint: It's not Bill Moyers, Ari Fleischer, Joe Lockhart, or Dee Dee Myers.

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Eliot Spitzer: Now with Bigger Guns Than Jim Webb's Aides

In the photo below, taken during NY Governor Eliot Spitzer's budget showdown with the state legislature, Spitzer is presumed to be thinking about whether his heavy-on-education, and including-universal-health-care, with cuts-to-medicaid-spending budget will get passed.

But on further examination, I'm pretty sure he's thinking about eating your children.

Read on...

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Thai Zoo Hopes Porn Will Get Sluggish Pandas to Mate

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The Armed(-wrestling) Forces of the Russian Federation

Вооружённые Си́лы Росси́йской Федера́ции
Vooruzhénniye síly Rossíyskoy Federátsii AKA

The Russian Army: life couldn't get much worse for a white heterosexual male in 2007.

And--as observed below--in Russia, games are no time for fun and...games(?)!

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David Lynch: Cartoonist

With the upcoming DVD release of David Lynch's three-hour, two+ years in the making Inland Empire, which we once declared was a better film to go see than Mel's Mayan extravaganza or that movie that Leo actually got an Oscar nod for, Cosmodrome would just like to take moment to recognize David Lynch the cartoonist.

Lynch and his work, (especially his non-film art) may be known as creepy, surreal, or just plain fucked up, but most of us here at the 'drome all agree he's pretty mindblowing. And after a recent trip to Paris and checking out a gallery exhibiting many of his early sketches, recent photography, and, um, odd paintings, my new favorite Lynch work just might have to be a series of cartoons he did called Dumbland. I'm pretty sure I could never do it justice in writing, so just check this first episode out:

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