How I Long for the Days of Steroids

Ah, the mid-90s...

There was no Fox News...

Clinton was in office...

Grunge music was still cool...

Men named Mark "I'm not here to talk about the past." McGwire and Sammy "Apologi [sic]" Sosa reigned supreme - women wanted them, men wanted to be them...

And "Chicks dug the longball."

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Damn kid!

Here's that link...check below.

Throw Some D's On That Bitch

Kanye's version is kinda funny too but neither of those songs appear on this mix. If you like it check out Rich Boys song. This is all wrong. To name a mix after a song that doesn't appear on it. All wrong.

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Scientician, pt. 2

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Our Namesake: A Photographic Tour

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Badges? We Don't Need no Stinkin' Badges!

Barry H. Obama goes country.

My first instinct was to turn this into a post asking the question if (a) Obama is pissed about wearing the hat but feels he has to, (b) think it's funny, or (c) doesn't really care one way or the other. But honestly, that question is irrelevant. The photo says all it has to. And Obama actually seems to wear the hat rather well. Though I know nothing about this subject, it seems like that slight dip is preferred. (See other famous cowboy hat wearers Bush II and Eastwood/Man With No Name.)

(The title of this post comes from Blazing Saddles. Or so I thought. Apparently it originated in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, and has since been used in UHF, Troop Beverly Hills, and The Super Mario Brothers Super Show!.)

Read on to see why (1) The New Republic thinks Obama needs to emphasize his gay-black-cowboyness and affinity for "bombs," and (2) why Fox News hates Obama because he's black, Muslim, a smoker, a liberal, and intelligent.

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Oscars: The Goldilocks Problem and.... Can Crash Repeat?

Low-brow: Currently #1 at the box office is Nicolas Cage's future-Razzie award winning "heavy Faustian tale", Ghost Rider.

High-brow (?): Cosmodrome already completed its review of 2006 in film.

Uni-brow: See right.

Best brow(s): Peter Gallagher.

Middle-brow: The Academy Awards.

In film today, there seems to be a Goldilocks conundrum. Too low-brow? Too high-brow? Thankfully, we have the consistently middle-brow Oscars. They always act with the noblest of intentions: to please the most people. And they always fail by pleasing no one but Paul Haggis. (Incidentally, how the fuck was Paul Haggis nominated for best adapted screenplay for something entirely in Japanese??!?!?!? Moreover, can you believe that the Goldilocks page on Wikipedia has Spoiler Warnings?!?!?!)

Check back around 8:00 Eastern (5:00 in the land where "all they do is snort coke and talk.") for a review of the night's events. We promise it won't be as gay as last year's. It also won't be as stupid, since none of the Best Picture nominees are as bad as Crash (including Crash 2: Babel). And since there's nothing really to cheer for or against, expect drunken rants to be kept to a (relative) minimum.

Read on for the blow-by-blow...

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Throw Some D's On That Bitch

Shit...i forgot the link. Thanks mahoney...i had put it in but i forgot to save it. I wonder if i can remember what the link was...lets see. nope. CHECK BACK HERE TOMORROW FOR THE LINK! these tracks are fun.

Whats up kids. If you go onto the facebook you can see what the new shop looks like. It's basically finished now. So in celebration I'm throwing up some tracks. Non of these hold any merit this time (not that many others have in the past...) but you know fuck it...they're fun. I've given up on the idea of taste. Here is a Picture of Mookie in Glasgow!


King Kong (remix) feat. Chamillionaire, Lil'Wayne, Yo Gotti and Chingy - Jibbs

He basically just moved on from a line in chain hang low and here we are. Throw some D's on that bitch!

Horny - Thunderheist

I don't know enough about them but i like their Amanda Blank sound

Xr2 (Dj Rock remix) - MIA

She's not doing so good but this remix fixes some problems

Signatune edit v2 - More Kick - Dj Mehdi

Mehdi uploaded this onto the fathertronix board a while back it's good and long now.

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The Week In: Box Office Speculation - America's Favorite Cannibal Keeps Eating

The Eddie Murphy comeback juggernaut goes into Phase Two this weekend as Paramount attempts to bank off his rising prestige stock in order to resuscitate his abject crap stock.

Is Hannibal Lecter still a viable villain in an age when torture-porn fills our nation's theaters week after week?


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Letter to Italy: Bring Back Silvio!!!!

At 8:15 a.m. eastern time, the featured headline on The New York Times' website: "Berlusconi Flirts. His Wife’s Fed Up. Read All About It."

Many in the media (at least those he does not own), as well as this site have taken a cheap shot or two (and many well-deserved shots) at Mr. Berlusconi. After all, his time as Italy's Prime Minister is almost equally as absurd as Rupert Murdoch becoming President of the US. (Reason #100000 we should not repeal the 12th Amendment: Mr. Murdoch is Australian.)

But for all his shittiness, you have to laugh at a guy with a pacemaker and hair implants who goes out in public and says things like, (to Italian MP Mara Carfagna) "If I weren’t already married, I would marry you right now."

It's for these types of absurdities that I may unfortunately miss our own President in a few years. I just can't imagine anyone else living up to Mr. Bush's comic standards or to President Clinton's hilarious horndog ways. While Mr. Berlusconi's comic style is more like Jack Nicholson (read: lecherous), Bush plays the President in the way I imagine David Brent would (read: incompetent). In both cases I get the feeling that somewhere aliens are watching a TV show about our world and "havin' a laugh."

Read on for more... including a new entry in the long-running contest to find the hottest politician ever.

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