Krasdale Kolumn #1

In the first installment of what we hope to be a regular Cosmodrome feature, Krasdale Kolumn will feature reviews of the foods and aesthetics of Brooklyn's favorite generic food empire. We start off with the most ubiquitous and favorite of their catalogue:

Name: Krasdale Macaroni & Cheese Dinner

This is the holy grail of the Krasdale Empire. No Brooklynite’s pantry is complete without at least 10 boxes squirreled away. The clutch dinner food that is perfect for that week between paychecks or grocery trips. The perfect food that is filling and not completely unsettling.

Weird Food I've Been Tricked Into Eating


7. Frog
- When I saw the tiny hand coming out of the serving dish, I realized I was not, in fact, eating "chicken in fish sauce."

6. Intestines
- Don't believe them when they say "It's squash. Or eggplant. What? Just eat it."

5. Snake
- I was told this was eel , but it didn't taste sweet or tender. It was more rubbery, a lot less fishy, and made me feel sinful.

The Beat Tip

(Oooooooohhh... on) The Beat Tip

Taking a page from Fametracker, this feature will assess a band's current perceived status to summarize why (not) a band is justifying their existence.

Episode One: James Murphy/Tim Goldsworthy/The DFA/LCD Soundsystem/Other Applicable Aliases


Dispatch 0: Bangkok

Things I Will Not Do Again

  6. Drink bottled water purchased from a suspicious man, suspiciously close to the river

Berman Watch: Episode One

The Bermz has been busy - a full-fledged article and a blog post: "Can Justice Be Trusted?" and "Buckley Hearts Osama".

Be on the lookout for the Cosmodrome follow-up. Our crack research team is putting these posts to the test and will have a response as soon as humanly possible.

Online News Knowledge Throwdown!

While at work, we at Cosmodrome sometimes want to know what is going on in the world beyond our carpet-walled cubicles. And occasionally we want harder hitting news than superstar bloggers like Ari Berman or even PageSix can offer us (Sca Jo said what? Kiefer’s doing karate in a bar again? Sweet.), though this happens less than we’d like you to think. Until iPods get their shit together and start to pick up broadcast news, we’re stuck with the only option of online news sources. At one point about a year ago I decided to analyze the way in which these sites have used headlines to rope in you and me and everyone we know.

Lazy, Indeed.

For the scores of people who had long abandoned Saturday Night Live since its various “hey-days,” Lazy Sunday represented a return to form for the sketch comedy show. I haven’t watched SNL since I was 15, so I can hardly judge if Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell’s rap sketch is any funnier than what the show has been doing for the last ten years. But if for no other reason, the sketch’s forceful emergence on the internet – a tool that did not exist when the show “was funny” – suggests that SNL finally connected with its audience again. What is it about Lazy Sunday that’s so funny? What is it that makes it good? I’ve heard various interpretations, but none so infuriating as that of Slate’s Josh Levin.

According to Levin, Samberg and Parnell’s rap about going to see The Chronicles of Narnia is less significant for its resuscitation of life to SNL than it is for its reinvention of hip hop. Levin writes:

"…it’s notable that these moments of goofiness and whimsy are what make Lazy Sunday work as a rap song, not just a comedy sketch. It’s hard to think of a Top 40 hit that's similarly playful."

An Experience With Organized Religion & X-Men

I’ll just say it bluntly: religion terrifies me.

Now, I’m not talking about Islamic fundamentalism or the far-right-Christian-Conservatism-Pat Robertson religions. I’ll assume all that can be picked apart and logically looked at as movements completely entrenched in politics and economics. Cultists and Wiccans (the fastest growing religion in the world!) can easily be written off as wackos and even be really fascinating. Just six years ago, over 60,000 Moonies were married at a mass wedding in Seoul’s Olympic Stadium. People from over 150 countries attended. That’s just plain amazing. Day-to-day religion is what really gets my skin crawling.

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