ungloved and suited just fine v.2 - April 25, 2006

I don't really know what this title means, but whatev. There's no theme to this mix. I just haven't written or done really anything in a long time, so this is a start. I plan to listen to this shit while walking a dog tomorrow morning.

1. Black Menace: "Going Off" (s/t)
There must've been at least thirty people crammed into the studio during the recording of this track. Forties galore, amoung other refreshments.

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De-Throning the Auteur!

Since the “auteur theory” was conceived in the 1950s by a group of cinephilic Frenchmen who rarely saw the sun, it has come to dominate the way people make and perceive movies.

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The E-Life: April 17-21

Given the fact that I have a day job, as do many of my friends and acquaintances, in a given week, I'll view and receive in my inbox boatloads of links and general wittiness. Some will provide news, others junk, and yet others beautiful bits of information from the e-world.

So for those of you too busy to keep up in world news or in the wonderful things the internet has to offer (or those of you just missing out for one reason or another), here's a survey of what you missed in the last week:

[Editor's note: The information below is meant as entertainment. If you're really too busy to keep up with news that affects you, we can't help.]

April 17

Pigs Playing Sports = Cuteness!
In Russia, they have pig olympics. Among the events are pig-racing, pig-swimming, and pig-(non-US)football.

Oil Men Are Evil, Duh.
In the past year, some places in the United States have started charging $3 for a gallon of gasoline. Last year, Exxon CEO Lee Raymond made $69.7M, and received $400M+ in a retirement bonus. Oh, and by the way - last year, Exxon made the most profit EVER by a corporation. (Read that sentence again and think about the fact that it's true.)

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Look at my hair! Like the design!

I've been taking pictures and putting them on the internet for a while, but I have just now gotten around to folding my web photo efforts into the Drome Empire. I will hopefully be updating this more frequently now that I have the technical means to do so. My site, Look at my hair! Like the design! can be accessed from the main menu or at lookatmyhair.cosmodromemag.com

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Brokeback Dock

A bit of backstory:

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Fuck the Working Week - Apr. 21, 2006

The original title was going to be "Welcome to the Working Week," but as the current title implies, fuck that.

The Man
1. Horace Andy: "Money, Money (The Root of All Evil)" (Skylarking)
Horace, how about you start things up by kicking it root down?

2. Neil Young: "Vampire Blues" (On the Beach)
This is an absolutely amazing song to pop on first when you walk out the door in the a.m. Especially if you're like me and like to wake up thinking about how oil men are runnin' this shit.

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Mix Lull - 19 April 2006

It has been a while. Here's another mix. It started out as a "long songs are good" mix but that was a long time ago. It's now different. Download link will expire in 1 week.

1. "Everlasting Love" — Alisa — We Love Katamari OST

Krasdale Kolumn #3

Name: Krasdale Cheese Pizza: For One

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Pass the Co Co

Addiction blows. No pun intended. Shits on you, your friends, family, etc…The U.S. government has its own addictions, not least of which is hegemony. Call me a commie, but you know you want to say “true dat, double true.” We wreak havoc on the whole world, and part of the havoc for the rest of Western Hemisphere is the drug war. But even after years of fighting dirty Colombians and crazy Bolivians, all we’ve seen is an increase in cocaine usage in the states. The solution on the home front?

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Nickelodeon Noir

Mixing and reinventing genres is the fuel for some of the best movies, these days. It is a productive way to cope with the postmodern dilemma: combine clichés to formulate new ones. It is also a very delicate process that must be done with care for themes, style, and narrative conventions.

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