Pop.Drop.Roll. - June 15, 2006

This Mix is SICK! (aka Breakin' All the Rules)

Getting sick is generally pretty shitty. However, it can have one redeeming quality: the chance to lie in bed (on painkillers) and listen to ambient music. Get the music by e-mailing cosmodromemag@gmail.com for some spaced out sublimity.

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So Much Dancing and Singing in the Streets - World Cup Soccer on US TV

Can we talk about the TV coverage of the World Cup for a moment?

The World Cup, as it seems, is a pretty big deal, and TV is a big part of why it’s great. Germany’s fairly hospitable time zone for US viewing (in comparison to those nightmarish early-AM matches from the Far East in ’02) and the fact that the Teutonic sun stays out until about 9:45PM this time of year means that live games can be seen all day on the ABC/ESPN/ESPN2 family.

We all know about the difficult time soccer/football has had here in the US for any number of reasons (Is it OK to call it soccer? Too pretentious to call it football?) and I’m not even going to get into that discussion. But as a casual fan and admirer of the beautiful game who has watched something like 12 hours of soccer on TV in the last three days, I’ve noticed a few things about how this game is presented to the US.

As Bono (of course) so eloquently puts it in ESPN’s promotional spots for the Cup, “It’s a simple thing, a ball and a goal.” He then reminds us that once every four years, this simple thing closes shops, stops wars, changes the world, does more than politicians ever could, and so on. These spots were the opening salvo in ABC/ESPN’s campaign to bludgeon its viewers repeatedly with soccer’s profound importance in the world. ...more

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Lars' Dogmas

Dogma 95 is nothing if not enigmatic. Among its contradictory elements are Dogma 95’s simultaneous rejection and embodiment of auteurism and its inconsistent and confusing attitude towards democracy and the public.

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CAPITAL LETTERS -- May 29, 2006

...as in OLD, COPPED, HOT, and DANCE! Yeah, whatev. Just listen. It's awesome...except maybe that one song that I chose almost purely because the band's name is my birthday.


1. Beirut: "The Gulag Orkestar" (The Gulag Orkestar)

2. Sonic Youth: "What A Waste" (Rather Ripped)

3. Gorillaz: "Kids With Guns (Hot Chip remix)" (Kids With Guns (EP))

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Another False Alarm - May 26, 2006

Elvis. Bruce. Neil.

Sometimes it's necessary to listen to the Great White Men.


1. Bruce Springsteen: "Thunder Road" (Born to Run)

2. The Clash: "Train in Vain" (London Calling)

3. Elvis Costello: "Pump It Up" (This Year's Model)

So So Broke 05.23.06

"Is anyone else noticing a pattern in the Hustlina mixes? By the 12th mix, we will probably have an entire Fall album, an entire Misfits album, an entire ESG album, and a whole bunch of hip hop."
Jeff Deutchman

The Simpsons Movie? How About The Simpsons Cinema!

"For the average consumers such as ourselves, television is virtually an anonymous medium."

Rosalind Coward

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Everyday I'm Hustlin'

It was rainy all day, so HERE is a playlist expressing my inner precipitation. Admit you just laughed!

You have one week before the link expires.


Literary Figures With Porn Star Names

1. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

2. E.E. Cummings

3. Emily Dickinson

4. Ezra Pound

5. Margaret Atwood

6. Thomas Hardy

7. Kingsley Anus

Well, maybe not the last one. Which other authors/poets/respected academians have names that make you snicker immaturely?

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