Kobe Bryant is the NBA's Daniel Plainview

"I have a competition in me. I want no one else to succeed. I hate most people." - Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood

Kobe Bryant, in a survey asking what other NBA players he'd like to see win the title: "If it ain't us, I don't care."

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He Blew it Out Chuck! He Blew it Out Chuck!

Kenny in full DMX-broadcaster mode. Magic robotically proclaiming "the dunk contest is back!" at frequent, pre-programmed intervals. Daryl Dawkins being Daryl Dawkins. Cheryl Miller being Cheryl Miller.

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Have We Endorsed the Geek?

From a New York Times story on Obama & McCain's tenuous relationship:

"Examples of [Hillary & McCain's] mutual respect typically include a tale of holding a vodka-drinking contest in Estonia. Such a celebration may have been unlikely to happen with Mr. Obama, who on a trip to Russia in 2005 asked that his shot glass be filled with water."

Of course, it's possible Obama just didn't want to win this contest:

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Photo Quiz: Eliot Spitzer or Stu Benedict?

Which is which? Who is Governor Eliot Spitzer of the great state of New York? And Who is bus driver Stu Benedict of the great TV show The Adventures of Pete & Pete?

answer: they're the same person!
UPDATE 2/28: Evidence that Spitzer agrees that he's a "bus driver"

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Where the White House Gets Its Clip Art...

Is it just me, or does it look like the White House is getting its clip art cues from Wolfenstein 3D? It makes a little bit of sense, considering the hand gesture.

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I Missed the Grammys

grammys suck
But all this talk has gotten me strangely in the mood to buy a GRAMMY Brand Checker GRAMMY t-shirt designed by JEM with GRAMMY leather belt designed by Latino Royalty.

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Andy D + Sven Midnite @ Knitting Factory. More.

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Liveblogging 'Legend' (Ridley Scott, 1986), the most boring movie I've seen in a really, really long time

I don't know what Gawker is waiting for, but this Ridley Scott movie from 1986 with Tom Cruise and Mia Sara has some amazing lines that could be perfectly recontextualized into video clips of Cruise's descent into madness.

Here is a little though hilarious IMDB gaffe in the film's 'trivia' section:

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