Dazed and Confused: A New Reality Series from Fox

Well, not really. But here's a stash of photos of what your life could have looked like had you graduated from Burbank High in 1980.

Because Having A Championship Trophy Named After You Is Not Enough

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Captain EO, Part II?

Live-blogging the Really Big Huge Gigantic Non-Decisive Election Thing. Err...Change!

About a billion (literally) states will hold primary or caucus-like things tomorrow. We'll be there.

Our endorsement?

What? That's not Obama? He really should grow a mustache.

We'll support him anyway. I guess. But if he grows that mustache, we'll be a little more excited about it.

10:45 a.m. EST: Bill Clinton has made his predictions. Bill left out about half the states; and included Idaho twice. And where the fuck is Samoa? And the motherfucking Democrats Abroad? -B

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You're My Number One Guy

I love this song even more knowing that the chorus comes straight out of Batman.

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Blanket -- Uncovered!

Jacko finally unveils (literally) his children in Vegas: Paris, Prince Michael I, and Prince Michael II (aka "Blanket")

Meanwhile, Michael the Original continues to look like a fashionable sherpa. Perhaps this will be the design for his robotic, laser-firing statue.

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The title of this film has been withheld for your viewing pleasure..

It really is so much better when you don't know til the end what they decided to call it.

8-bit Rodney King beating

This is just sick. But watch it, and wait for the punchline.

A budding Lefko

5 out of 5!!!

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Liveblogging Jury Duty

Ok, so maybe I'm not really "liveblogging" Jury Duty. It would have been the perfect thing to liveblog, especially because the whole liveblog genre is exclusive to uncanny things that are both too horrible to watch and too horrible not to. (See: Moment of Truth, Basic Instinct 2, or the presidential debates.)

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