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The ol' Domino factory

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I just want to make sure this photo exists on the internet somewhere

mcnulty strippers whores

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The Wire + Oz = Clusterfuck

Anyone who knows me knows of my near-pathological love for The Wire. But long before I was resident Wire-ologist, I was a big fan of OZ - HBO's very first (yes, even before the fucking Sopranos) one-hour drama from the late 90s. With The Wire (aka the greatest piece of literature emerging from my lifetime) nearing the series' end, I wanted to offer this suggestion for a series, sharing many of its qualities as well as its actors, to queue up on your Netflix in order to avoid that hollowing feeling we will all inevitably experience in a few weeks. The actor crossovers alone should keep you satisfied. Who and what do they have in common?



h/t to Shurpa Update

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White Boys CAN Snap

Soulja Boy makes me regret not attending ballet school even more than Russia.

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I liveblogged the last 31 minutes of 'Moment of Truth' for those of you who couldn't make it past minute 29

On the hot seat is a 33 year old married man who used to be a professional football player and is now a personal trainer. in his audience are his wife and his best friend. the first few questions were softballs, and it was easy to ask yourself: will it take all 21 questions before they pop the question: have you ever cheated on your wife?

it doesn't.

but that doesn't mean you should get your hopes up...

so jumping right into it...

that answer is false.

he lied and the polygraph caught him! he loses everything. you can't beat the polygraph!!

ok, contestant 2.

he's a divorced marketing exec from florida. he lives with his three daughters and his girlfriend. all of his teeth are capped and he's wearing a rug. this guy is a living lie. let's see if he can make it to the $500k.

we have a bunch of george's loved ones in the audience: his chinese girlfriend, boss, and chinese would-be father-in-law. i'm curious how they pay this off...

Q: have you ever gone through a co-worker's private belongings without their knowledge...

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Recently, a large chunk of Cosmodrome staffers and friends (all dudes) got together to watch 9 hours of action movies in a row. We're going to say it was done for science (it wasn't.), that we learned more about society (no.), learned the value of a human life (no.), and, just maybe, a little about ourselves (no.).
We felt it necessary to pass on our knowledge, which we present below.

[note: each kill was tallied with a magic marker on my shirt]

1. Starship Troopers
2. Big Trouble In Little China
3. Hard Target
4. Running Man
5. Half an episode of American Gladiators
6. Resident Evil: Extinction

Official Tally
kills: 232
explosions: 33
pukings: 2
torture scenes: 4
breaking glass: 20
green eyes (of creamy jade): 5
secondary black guy character deaths: 21
golden girls: 1
animal deaths: 11 (or roughly 3011 if we count dead Resident Evil crows)
decapitations: 11
slo-mo's: 208 (201 of which from Hard Target)
curved-throwing blades: 16 1/2 (?)
boobs: 7
sex scenes: 1
bugfucks: 3
crotch injuries: 6
people out running flames: 10
9/11 referenes (habeas corpus): 2
doves: 16
face kicking evil: 7
electric guitar!!: 9
arrowcam: 7
people who've seen marisa tomei's fajita: 1
strongly negative vaginal reference: 6
amputated limbs: 8
mention of monkey sacrifices: 1
melodramatic saxophone: 2
candles: 2
dead buddha statues: 25
wire characters: 1
sex and the city characters: 2
melrose place characters: 1
2 governors one cup: 1
ethnicity as implicit threat: 3
electric violin solos: 2
upside down gun fuck: 1
nic cages: 0
beer count: 70+
40's count: 2

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R.I.P. Heath Ledger

Please read my personal memories of Heath Ledger at Cosmodrome's brother blog Channel Alex.

The anecdote begins with a brief video memorial for River Phoenix. I actually found this because I was searching for video clips of the crazy funeral scene in My Own Private Idaho-a scene that I felt adequately expressed my feelings after hearing the news of Heath's passing-but nothing came up. It was only after remembering that River Phoenix starred in MOPI did I realize the erie connection.

George Bush Doesn't Like Black People?

Maybe, for some black people, the feeling is mutual:

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Fuck Me in the Beard

In lieu of leaving a pithy remark on Eric’s constraints, here are ten movies and a few nuggets to display the logic that went into this finely calculated mess:

1. Syndromes and a Century
2. No Country for Old Men
3. The Host
4. Paprika
5. 28 Weeks Later *
6. Ratatouille
7. Transformers **
8. Zodiac
9. Black Book
10. Grindhouse ***

* beat Still Light, a movie that no one else saw.
** beat There Will Be Blood, despite “I drink your milkshake” > “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings”
*** beat Knocked Up, because “I never miss” > “fuck me in the beard” – this deserves a recount, but I’m not raising the 2k for it. Where are you when I need you, Kucinich?

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